Monday, 25 March 2013

Stuffed Easter Carrots!

Having the family round for Easter? Make your guests chuckle with these quirky yet delicious stuffed carrot cone sandwiches!

Ingredients for carrot shells:

- 1 Ready rolled dough sheet (Available from mist supermarkets. You can also 
                            use puff pastry if you cant get your hands on this product)
- 1 Bunch of fresh Parsley or Dill
- 1 Egg, whisked
- Orange food colouring.


Now time to choose your filling! Stuck for ideas? Here are our favourites, take your pick.

Egg Mayonnaise & Paprika

Grated Cheese, Spring Onion, Marjoram & Creme fraiche.

Chicken, Bacon, Mayonnaise & Black Pepper.

Equipment you may need:

- 6 Cream Horn Molds
- Pizza Cutter


- Place the dough sheet on a chopping board and using the pizza cutter slice into strips around an inch wide.

- Brush strips with egg and roll into long sausage shapes. 

- Starting from the smaller end, wrap each sausage shape around the cream horn molds.

- Lay carrot molds on a non stick baking sheet and brush each carrot with the orange food colouring.

- Bake for around 8 minutes or until golden brown and leave to cool for 5 minutes.

- Remove each carrot from horn and fill with the with the filling of your choice! Don't forget to push a fresh sprig of parsley or dill into the top of your carrots for the finishing effect!

Post us a picture of your scrumptious Eater carrots and let us know what delicious filling you used!!

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