Friday, 15 February 2013

Top 4 Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is a great addition to many meals, not only does it taste great but it also offers so great health benefits!
Here are the top 4 health benefits of garlic:

Health benefit of garlic #1: Wards off common cold
Most people catch colds at some point in their lives and although a cold is typically not a serious condition, it can make daily life difficult. Garlic can help to boost the immune system and while a person may still catch a cold even when eating garlic on a daily basis, there are many health benefits of garlic.

Health benefit of garlic #2: Fights heart disease
Everyone wants a healthy heart so that they can live longer, garlic has been known to help fight heart disease and this is an amazing health benefit.

Health benefit of garlic #3: Lowers blood pressure
With the increase of obesity, there is an increase in cases of high blood pressure. One of the health benefits of garlic is its ability to lower blood pressure.

Health benefit of garlic #4: Lowers cholesterol
Cholesterol is another area where we hear about increases due to poor and excessive eating habits. Garlic can help to lower cholesterol and while it may only be slightly, lowering cholesterol at any measure is a great thing and is another important health benefit of garlic.

With these great health benefits make sure you always have some garlic handy in your kitchen!!

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