Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Raving about Rosemary!
Rosemary is very rich in antioxidants, these help maintain vitality and slow down the ageing process!
Being a versatile herb, it compliments a variety of dishes!
Use on soups and pasta dishes for a taste sensation...
...Sprinkling rosemary those new potatoes will taste divine, filling your home with a wonderful aroma while the flavours bake in!...
...Great with lamb chicken or pork, especially when combined with garlic and lemon juice! Mmm!...
...Rosemary can even be used in deserts; its great sprinkled over ice cream or mouses!
So next time your in the kitchen, grab a handful of Rosemary from your kitchen cupboard and add a delicious twist to your dish!
We have some lovely aromatic bags of Rosemary here at Herbed Up ready to post out to you! :) 

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